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"Gabrielle Filloux is one of the best as Little Sally, the punky child narrator of the show, older than her years, who asks probing political and water-engineering questions. Filloux is continuously present as a performer, even when she has no lines, reacting to the story around her and creating one of the most interesting performances on the stage."
- John Angell Grant, San Francisco Daily

Check out Gabrielle's Radio Interview with WIHJ 104.9 about her performance as DORALEE RHODES in 9 TO 5!

106.5 Radio Interview

"On Sept. 20 Hartford Stage let Gabrielle Filloux, who flits about as Cobweb in "A Midsummer Night's Dream," do the Instagram thing."
- Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant

Hartford Stage Instagram Take-Over

"[Gabrielle Filloux] is the best Wednesday I have seen...I liked her conviction."
- The Campbell Express

"The entire team of clowns and multi-instrumentalists are an ensemble to be reckoned with...Gabrielle Filloux is sweet and poignant as Lulu with "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" in its first instance"
- E.A. McMullen, New Haven Independent

“Though a mere quick change and a new wig transforms her from Angela into another one-off character, her transition between them are seamless and greatly executed.”
- Joe Szekeres, Mooney on Theatre

"Filloux is a delightful Wednesday Addams, ...she opens her mouth to sing and displays a big set of pipes!"
- Joanna Engelhardt, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"A dynamic singer, Filloux makes droll teen angst out of her struggle to reconcile the joys of love..."
- Lisa Jensen, Good Times Santa Cruz

"As Little Sally, Gabrielle Filloux's performance is definitely not little."
- Joanne Engelhardt, Palo Alto Daily News

"There's loads to enjoy. Little Sally, for starters... Filloux achieves the sincerity of a child and then ups the ante in "Tell Her I Love Her" - balancing the shock factor with sparkling high notes."
- Alicia Castro, Los Altos Town Crier

San Mateo Daily Journal
Interview by Austin Walsh

Interview - Beach Blanket Babylon

"Gabrielle Filloux as the Addams’ daughter, Wednesday, has a wonderful singing voice and gives her part a delightful presentation."
- Noel Smith, Times Publishing Group

Gabrielle Filloux’s office priss Angela is played to the hilt without going overboard so thanks to Ms. Filloux for recognizing this important fact. What happens to her cat is priceless.”
- Christopher Peterson, Onstage Blog